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Climate Crisis and Resilience

How to achieve profound transformations in society in the face of the climate emergency?

The situation we are facing requires an urgent transformation of our way of life in order to stay within the planetary boundaries. At Altekio we work on resilience from the personal-individual level, in relation to our lifestyle and consumption habits; the group-social level, in terms of the type of relationships we establish between people in our life activities; as well as the social-cultural level, on the patterns, values, productive activities and socio-economic structures and behaviours that we have as a society.

Governance and Citizen Participation

How can we improve collaboration between social partners and achieve broad and successful citizen participation?

The territories we inhabit are highly complex due to the multitude of agents that operate in them, especially when we are faced with socio-environmental challenges that require more or less rapid change. Faced with this territorial complexity, at Altekio we work with the value of diversity present in these interactions between agents as a strategy for change, adaptation and transformation in the face of the challenges that arise.

Socio-environmental Conflicts

What can we do in the face of a situation in the territory that seems to have no solution?

We live on a finite planet with limited natural resources, yet in many contexts we try to continue to grow as if this were not the case. This leads to situations in which tensions emerge between different social agents over how we relate to the environment and the use we make of natural resources and the landscape. At Altekio we work to transform these conflicts by generating the necessary listening context to achieve the meeting points that allow coexistence and habitability in the affected territories.

Organisational Development

How can we make our organisations more effective, taking care of goals and processes as well as people?

We support organisations in the analysis and improvement of their processes, as well as in their strategic and operational planning. We address their complexity and functioning, and offer technical advice that meets the specific needs of each organisation.

In order to work with the potential of teams as a space for innovation, creativity and collective intelligence, we rely on the contributions of group process facilitation, and we work to jointly generate a climate of understanding and leadership that listens to all voices.

Environmental Education for Sustainability

What kind of education can we put in place to rethink ourselves as a society and move towards a more sustainable and resilient model?

To activate curiosity and commitment in citizens, we co-design and implement environmental education projects that incorporate different knowledge, perspectives and tools with participatory and innovative methodologies. We work specifically with educational centres and academic institutions, and also in cooperation with other countries, betting on the value of cultural exchange for the construction of solid sustainable projects, integrated in each territory and community.

Positive Impact Entrepreneurship

How to support, discover and amplify leadership qualities to carry out conscious and transformative projects?

We support empowerment in the economic dimension with a critical and responsible view of the relationship between production and consumption. To this end, we start from the principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) as the basis for personal, social and environmental development: equity, decent work, ecological sustainability, cooperation, fair distribution of wealth, commitment to the environment. From there, we accompany social entrepreneurship processes through comprehensive and innovative methodologies, with an ecofeminist approach and placing value on self-management. We also carry out training, workshops and conferences to promote cooperativism and SSE.

Conscious and Transformative Consumption

How to have low social and environmental impact consumption habits that favour the ecosocial transition?

At Altekio we apply the feminist approach to Conscious and Transformative Consumption (CTC), which is that which not only satisfies an individual need or desire, but also takes into account the economic, social and ecological implications when choosing between the different options offered by the market. Thus, we provide criteria that focus on the invisible, and move away from mainstream consumption trends (excess, over-packaging, ignorance of the origin and methods of production, etc.). We support the generation of projects or initiatives along these lines, as they are sustainable, promote healthy lifestyles and transform interpersonal relationships and relations with the world.


What new methodologies, practices and processes can we activate to foster profound transformations in individuals and groups?

Group facilitation is an increasingly recognised field of work with great potential. The fundamental opportunity it offers us is to generate spaces of empathy, convergence and cooperation that confront the paradigm of separation and individualism. It offers us tools to improve how we live together in territories and how we relate to each other and to organisations.

Social, Ecological and Adaptive Innovation

How do we find different paths that lead to creative solutions to complex challenges?

We face a diversity of socio-environmental challenges that interrelate with each other with a complexity that is difficult to address. Social and ecological innovation allows us to propose creative frameworks to explore this complexity, devise future scenarios and co-design solutions. 

At Altekio we are committed to adaptive innovation, i.e. innovation that responds to changing conditions in different contexts. We are aware that there are no single, fixed and unalterable solutions and therefore we design processes in which we find solutions to the challenges that arise.

Art and Socio-ecological Transformation

How to promote sustainability through art as a tool for transformation?

Artistic languages mobilise mind and body, emotion and intuitive knowledge, which is why they have a fundamental potential when it comes to generating new imaginaries that provide ways out of the great eco-social challenges.

For this reason, at Altekio we design and support transdisciplinary spaces between science, art and other forms of knowledge, facilitating the meeting of different visions, knowledge and practices, and also contributing our perspective in terms of sustainability, social innovation and participation. We also seek alliances with associations and cultural initiatives to promote projects in this field.